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Old October 27th, 2008, 10:28 AM
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Default On the brink of T3, lvl 21

Just checking in to see how everyone's doing on their toons...
I grinded (if you can call it that) with the Mourkain scenario to get through T2 pretty quickly. Kind of sad that I have to move on once I hit lvl 22. But all good things...

At lvl 20 I did end up clearing the Shadowlands quests. If anyone's looking for loot, in the Shadowlands, there's a PQ (Lair of the Dead) that seems to drop an inordinate amount of loot. Also, getting your mount at lvl 20 actually makes traveling enjoyable, unless you have to travel with Zoline and that fkn' helicrapter the dwarfs get. Ugh...

If you're part of a guild, Zoline showed me the Sigmar's Hammer area in Aldorf. There you can buy scrolls that take you back to it any time for only 30c. All the Renown Trainers and gear merchants you'll need are there, as well as a Flight Master. I used to always keep a rally point near a flight master, but with this, you don't need to. Just remember to buy a few each time.

Discovered crafting. One thing I missed on Bechafen was that crafting skills compliment one another. For example, I had Salvaging and Apothecary. I dropped Salvaging, because it only benefited Talisman Making and picked up Cultivating to grow my own stuff. Now I can grow my own ingredients for potions. Picked up a bunch of supplies in town and craft while waiting for scenarios. And crafting drops are abundant. Goal is to give my toon the ability to heal myself when needed, and eventually do dyes.

Still digging the game. Leveling slows down a bit at 20, but you can kick start it anytime by clearing a level of quests or PvP'ng. While it's not as quick to level, I recommend holding/taking some keeps with warparties if you haven't done that yet. That's a lot of fun.
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